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Proud to support local UK Farms

Sourcing straight from the producers is something we are very proud of. So many lovely cheeses from so many lovely businesses across the UK.

The Reynolds family are award winning dairy farmers & cheesemakers.

Their Kent blue cheeses are made on their own dairy farm in small batches using milk from their own lovely herd of cows.


Cheesemakers of Canterbury have a wide range of cheeses to their repertoire and have won many awards.

We stock a wide range of local cheeses including our best sellers from Kingcott Dairy

Stocks and product availability may vary so please contact us if you wish to buy.


Ashmore cheese from the Cheese Makers of Canterbury is a naturally rinded cheddar-style cheese made from British Friesian cow’s milk and matured for at least six months. A deep, rich, strong taste that lingers long in the mouth.

ellie goat.jpg
Ellie Goat

Ellie’s soft crumbly goat’s cheese is a Kent take on feta. This is available in original; or covered with chilli flakes; or herbs as seen in the photo. The herb covered cheese is a particular favourite of Helen’s!

Kentish Blue

Kentish Blue is a young blue cheese with a firm but moist texture. It has gentle smooth flavours on the first bite developing into a long lasting pleasant aftertaste.

Kingcott Blue

Kingcott Blue is our soft centred, lightly veined blue cheese, with smooth even blue tastes. Kingcott Blue has won the Taste of Kent gold award for 2023.


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Our stock varies so please contact us for availability

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