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Our Story

Established 2010

Why a farm shop?  My career as a lawyer had seen one too many changes and I also wanted to stop commuting. I needed something completely different.  The crazy notion entered my head when I saw an empty property in Pluckley.  As a farm shop was not available locally this seemed a good way of going back to my roots. I’ve lived in Pluckley and Egerton for over 40 years and my family have farmed for centuries in these villages.  I am very  proud of the farm shop’s success and the support from our community has been superb. Our diversification to rearing pigs for meat has been life changing and we moved to our farm in 2021.  What next?  Watch this space!

helen and james.jpg

James joined the team in 2020

cherry marie.jpg

My Sister Marie

My sister, Marie, has worked tirelessly since the opening of the shop to make the business a success. We are lucky to live and work in these villages.  Our family tree goes back to a blacksmith in Hothfield in the late 1600’s – only a few miles from the farm shop. Marie is the owner of farm shop dog, Murphy.  He is truly spoilt by everyone (and he knows it).  He roams the farm with me during the day – see photos on separate page – he’s gorgeous!

Perfect Pluckley Pork

Our animals are reared in large outdoor paddocks on our farm. The pigs are fed fruit and veg, in addition to organic and GM free pig nuts. No fertilisers or pesticides has been used on the land and no steroids or antibiotics are routinely given to our animals. Knowing where your meat comes from should be of paramount importance to us all.

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