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Home grown pigs of Pluckley

We rear our own rare breed porkers. Berkshire pigs make excellent meat. They are slow growers and this creates a completely different texture to intensively reared hybrid pigs. The quality muscle from free range rearing makes even the appearance of the dark meat very different and much more appealing. With ‘marbling’ running through the meat keeping the pork moist and tender.

'Whilst we have our own free range farm, we are passionate about working with local farmers for our meat suppliers.'

'I have been very lucky to work with Paul Hope, not just supply of his beef and lamb, but the invaluable support he has given me on our farm'


Paul Hope

harriet heathcote.jpg

Harriet Heathcote

Harriet Heathcote, a local fourth generation sherpherdess, provides beautifully fresh grass fed lamb that has been treated with the highest animal welfare in her Lambtastic boxes.

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Our stock varies so please contact us for availability

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