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News Snipets

Short and to the point, enjoy our news sniplet section for quick in the know news. Enjoy.

helen and james.jpg

Welcome James


James has joined the team!! Having worked as a solicitor for many years the thought of going back to commuting when Covid is finally over is not a welcoming thought. He has enjoyed helping out and he has been invaluable through very tough times.

bell tent.jpg



Summer 2019 saw us sleep with our pigs. Yes, that’s right, previously we have been travelling from our house back and forth so many times during farrowing season that it is simply just easier to camp out. We love our spacious bell tent but not quite so the animals that all wake so early. The sheep start bleating as soon as sun is coming up! But hey, we love rural life and are very lucky to be in this beautiful village.




With we have supplied the apples from our local orchards for MoonPig to create a spooky gin. I had no idea that MoonPig did gifts as well as cards. Be sure to look out for this product.


Happy Pigs


August 2013. So, not only do we own lots of piggies we have now moved to a nearby farm with more space so we can start to breed with our pigs. We are passionate about animal welfare so to have our pigs born and raised on the farm = happy pigs. Sarah pictured here to be our first sow. Fingers crossed.

dering farm_edited.png

The Farm


We have purchased the farm where we keep our pigs!! We cannot tell you how thrilled we are to be able to live on the farm we have rented for the last 8 years.  Living in Egerton, having the pigs at Greenhill Lane and the shop in Pluckley, meant a lot of driving back and forth. We have sold our home of 20 years and taken a leap of faith. We shall be converting the barn to live in. At present however, we have no electricity or water!!  It is going to be an interesting year….. or 2!


Bob, our hand reared piglet


We have had some success over the years hand rearing sickly piglets but Bob is the favourite. Born with a twisted jaw he could not latch on to his mother's teat to feed. We had no choice but to remove him if he were going to survive. And he did!! Thankfully he integrated back in to the herd when he was 6 weeks old. 

Marie's brave the shave_edited.jpg

Shave for McMillian

My sister did it!! Marie braved the shave for McMillian. Thank you to all those who gave to this worthy cause.

maggie piglets buttercups.jpg

Dotty and Angel


September 2012. Look what we have started to do! We are renting a small space near to our house and have welcomed Zulu, Dotty and Angel (named by the children). The first of many we hope. We’ll be able to recycle our fruit and veg waste to these piggies and they will come back as sausages. Ticks all the boxes – zero food waste, low food miles, free range. For us it is not just animal welfare it is love at first sight.

covid carpark_edited.jpg



March 2020. As the majority of the world goes into lockdown we can assure you that as long as all our staff stay well and healthy we will be open as usual. Monday – Friday 9am to 6pm. Saturday 9am – 5pm and Sunday 9.30am to 1.30pm (we have a little lie in).  Safety measures will be in force.


Filming for CBeebies


October 2017 Quite a month out filming for CBeebies at the farm and collaborating with Why, I hear you cry? We were approached by CBeebies to film with Fern of Fern & Rory Vet tales. In this series my niece, Tegan, will talk to Fern all about pigs – from sensitive snouts to tummy tickles and munching on acorns.


Farm Shop Dog


August 2016. And here he is. Farm Shop Dog. So cute. Need we say more!


ITV's Escape to the Country


September 2011 Well – we have only been open a year and have featured on ITV’s Escape to the Country. The programme show cased local shopping, small holding produce and Kent’s wonderful orchards. The pear juice featured will no doubt be the next best seller for us. Delicious.

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