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Do you know the difference between homogenisation and pasteurised milk?

Homogenised milk is any milk “that has been mechanically treated to ensure that it has a smooth, even consistency”. It is often heat treated. Homogenised milk is long lasting because a lot of the fat molucles have been disposed of in the process. We think this takes the goodness and flavour away and that is why we support local, traditional milk producers.

Milk alternatives come at a food mile cost.  Coconut and rice travels thousands of miles for example. Shop local and be sure where your food comes from.

Supporting your local farmer supports your local economy.

We have been customers of Steve at Street Farm, High Halden since we opened in 2010.

Steve, Street Farm

street farm dairy.jpeg
street farm bottles.jpg

The Friesian cows are reared and the milk is pasteurised on the farm and delivered by his own staff.

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Our stock varies so please contact us for availability

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