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Pluckley Pork

Where our food comes from should be of paramount importance.

"Perfect Pluckley Pork"

We free range black Berkshire porkers here in Pluckley on the Greensand Ridge. These rare breed pigs are reared specifically for their dark and succulent pork. We have tried different breeds over the years but Berkshire’s have a wonderful temperament and are a joy to work with.

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We have come to farming in a topsy-turvy way - owning the farm shop first and then venturing to farming ourselves.

We had been disposing of our tired veg with a local farm, however, as we had paid for the vegetables it seemed obvious to get our own pigs.

Recycling at its very best!

As the herd has grown over the last 10 years, we purchased a farm on the Pluckley/Egerton border where we had already been renting some land.

Our pigs are born and reared outdoors in large paddocks where they can roam freely rooting the ground for nutrients and have access to spring water for natural minerals. We have happy pigs because they can live in groups, in a natural and stress-free environment.

No fertilisers or pesticides are used on the land - steroids are never used and antibiotics are not routinely given to our animals.

Our project ticks all the boxes; naturally reared outdoor animals, recycling of our waste veg, traceability and low food miles. 

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